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UPS Upswing Software

UPS Upswing Software

Upswing software is free. It is used for all Uninterruptible Power Supplies with/without LCD screens to communicate with the computer
Upswing Software

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· Automatic Save and Shutdown for unattended PCs
· Reboot/Shutdown scheduling
· Self test scheduling
· Power condition analysis
· Online display of input / output voltage and frequency, battery capacity and load level
· Dashboard interface
· Send on-line commands to UPS such as Test, Shutdown, Sleep and restart
· Extensive logging of all UPS operation and power quality data
· Event & date analysis
· Events and data bar charts presentation
· Graphical display of power quality
· Run in background even before user login

UPSwing Pro software can work with most operating systems including DOS, Novell, UNIX, SCO UNIX, SCO XENIX, SVR4, Novell Unixware, IBM AIX, NEC UNIX, DEC OSF/1, HP HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Sunos, Sun Solaris, and Unix.

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