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UPS Batteries

UPS Batteries

Use a Smart Power Systems battery to insure maximum performance and maintain your warranty. Batteries and battery chargers inside our UPSs are matched to provide maximum performance of the battery.

Model Part Number Availability Retail Price
Office Series      
OF400 SP010-1   $37
OF600 SP011-1   $40
SBK Series      
SBK400 SP010-1   $37
SBK500 SP012-1   $44
SBK600 SP012-1   $44
SBK700 SP012-1   $44
SBK800 SP013-1   $52
SBP Series      
SBP400 SP010-1   $37
SBP500 SP012-1   $44
SBP600 SP012-1   $44
SBP700 SP012-1   $44
SBP800  SP013-1   $52
SBP1000(2) SP012-2   $88
SBP1400(2) SP012-2   $88
EP Series      
EP425 SP012-1   $44
EP525 SP012-1   $44
EP625 SP012-1   $44
EP1500RM(2) SP012-2   $88
EP2000XB SP017-1 Call (item discontinued) ----
EP2200 SP017-1 Call (item discontinued) ----
EP2200RM SP017-1 Call (item discontinued) ----
SSP Series      
SSP750(2) SP012-2   $88
SSP1000(2) SP013-2   $104
SSP1000RM(2) SP013-2   $104
SSP1500(4) SP012-4   $175
SSP2000(4) SP013-4   $208
SSP3000(8) SP011-8   $320
BAK600 SP012-1   $44
SDC1000(3) SP012-3   $132
SSU700(2) SP012-2   $88
SS1250RM(4) SP012-4   $176
SSU1000TBF(3) SP012-3   $132
SSU1400(4) SP012-4   $176
SS600TBF(2) SP012-2   $88

To order replacement batteries for other UPS models, please contact customer support at 1-800-792-6312 or email

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