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Smart Cord


Electronic Power Conditioner

Computer Grade Filtering for Limited Spaces Ensures Maximum System Uptime

The ergonomic design of the Smart Cord makes it ideal for environments where computer grade filtering is required but space is limited. The Smart Cord is an electronic power conditioner equipped with “smart ground” technology which eliminates ground loop current in networked systems. The Smart Cord is used as a power protection solution for networked equipment such as POS systems, computers and many other microprocessor based products.

Voltage spikes are one of the main causes of system failures and cause thousands of service calls annually on all types of electronic systems. Service calls that are avoidable. Smart Power Systems' transformer based filters deliver unequaled performance. TBF™ technology protects against minor and severe spikes and surges that comprise over 80% of power problems. Our Smart Cord products range from 7 to 10 amps and protect systems requiring 120 volts.


Smart Power Systems' TBF™ technology eliminates power issues that cause disruption, degradation and destruction to electronic components. Transformer based filters eliminate numerous power problems.

Performance Factors

  • Common Mode Noise Filtering
  • Normal Mode Noise Filtering
  • Faulty Wiring Detection
  • Surge Protection
  • Prolonged Over Voltage Protection
  • Compatible with GFCI circuit

High Voltage Surge & Lightning Protection - Stops dangerous surges from damaging computers and other microprocessor-based electronics.

Low Voltage Spike & Noise Protection in Common Mode Area (US Patent#6229682) - Filters down to 0.5 Volts and stops disruptions of electronics.

"POVP™" Prolonged Over Voltage Protection (US Patent #6560086) - Protects connected equipment against destructive over voltage.

Reverse Polarity/No Ground Protection (US Patent #5721661) - Exclusive Smart Technology identifies and protects connected equipment against reverse polarity or no ground, making the Smart Cord Fail-Safe.

Ground Loop Protection - Transformer based technology compatible with GFCI circuit (Patent Pending) protects against ground loop currents which can cause data errors, component failures and safety hazards.

Available Models

IEC Receptacle

7 Amps


  • Recepticle Type - IEC (1 Socket)
  • 7 Amps
  • Smart Ground
  • SPS part#: UTBF07SG-110

Standard wall socket

(515R)Receptacle 7 Amps


  • Recepticle Type - 5-15R (1 socket)
  • 7 Amps
  • Smart Ground
  • SPS part#: UTBF07SG-120

Standard Wall socket

(5-15R) Receptacle 7 Amps


  • Recepticle Type - 5-15R (3 sockets)
  • 7 Amps
  • Smart Ground
  • SPS part#: UTBF07SG-175

Smart Cord Plus Network Protection

(5-15R) Receptacle + Network Protection 7 Amps


  • Recepticle Type - 5-15R (2 sockets)
  • 7 Amps
  • Tel / Modem / Internet / DSL (RJ11) Protection
  • Network Protection RJ45
  • Smart Ground
  • TBF™ technology
  • SPS part#: UTBF07SG-175-plus





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